Understanding rules is one thing; turning them into profitable trading is another entirely. In order to bridge this gap it can be very helpful to see current market examples.

It was not appropriate to include such examples in the books, because what is current today is history tomorrow. Also, it would impede the original message, since any example will always show the writer’s interpretation of what Gann was saying. Better to study the primary source yourself without it being obscured.

But in a newsletter format it is possible to look at current markets as they unfold and apply the rules to them. This can be an incredibly beneficial way to learn, because what appears to be obvious in hindsight often looks totally different in real time.

Therefore I am publishing a weekly newsletter which will address current markets from an educational viewpoint. The aim is not to give any trading advice, but merely to show the application of Gann's techniques to various commodities and stocks. It is impossible to follow every market, but the major stock and commodity sectors will be covered. The analysis will be ongoing, so that markets are watched over a period of time, in the same way that Gann has done on US Steel.

The newsletter format also allows for discussion of general points that relate to the development of a trader and the acquisition of understanding of the way markets move and how to trade them.

The newsletter is available with a 1, 6 or 12 month subscription. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 month subscription
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